4 Tips for Heel Pain after Waking Up

4 tips for Heel Pain after waking up

This time, I want to discuss why you suffer from heel pain after waking up in the morning, especially the first few steps. Then, I like to give you how to solve it.

What is Heel Pain after waking up?

Heel Pain after waking up

First of all, I want to talk about the different kinds of heel pain you might have.

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spur
  • Neuropathy
  • Achilles tendinitis

Among them, this time, I would like to explain Plantar fasciitis.

First of all, plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the foot sole, plantar aponeurosis, which supports the arch structure of the foot, becomes inflamed and repeats small tears. One of the most common signs and symptoms is heel pain after waking up especially the first few steps.

But why it happens?

  • Calf tightness
  • Bunions (Hallux Valgus)
  • Flat feet

Calf tightness

heel pain after waking up due to Calf Tightness

In the human body, the calf muscle and the muscle on the sole are connected. Once you have tight muscles on the calf, your muscle fascia on the sole will get pull up and causes inflammation or pain.


Bunions cause heel pain after waking up

Secondly, the bunion is the deformation of the big toe. Your big toe gets turn inwards and gives you pressure on the sole. A bunion, in particular, is caused by the collapse of the foot arch structure, similar to plantar fasciitis. If the big toe cannot hold the lateral angle, the longitudinal arch will gradually decline, and plantar fasciitis may occur.

Flat Feet

heel pain after waking up due to flat feet

Lastly, flat feet can also cause pain on the sole. The medial longitudinal arch movement is essential for shock absorption, and if it does not work well, there is insufficient energy to push the foot. As a result, it causes pain in the bottom of the foot.

Other Factors that induce plantar fasciitis include

  • Overuse due to sports
  • Long walks and standing work
  • Improper use of shoes
  • Training on hard roads
  • Lack of muscle strength
  • The flexibility of the feet

What Can You Do with heel pain after waking up?

Foot Bath with Epsom Salt

foot bath for heel pain

Heat makes the blood circulation and increases the healing process. Epsom Salt is the magnesium sulfate that promotes muscle relaxation and increases blood flow to help reduce pain.

  1. Prepare 100 degrees of hot water in the bucket.
  2. Put a handful of Epsom salt in it.
  3. Soak your feet in the tub for 20-30 minutes.  It promotes sweating and reduces pain.
  4. Do it every night before going to bed

Foot Paches

foot patch for heel pain after waking up

There are foot patches that can put on the feel during the night to detox from the foot.
Ingredients: bamboo vinegar, chitosan, dextrin, Houttuynia cordata, loquat leaf, tourmaline, vegetable fiber, Vitamin C, and wood vinegar.

How do the foot pads work?

For hundreds of years, Chinese medicine understood toxins traveled downwards in the body, storing in the bottom of the foot. It is also understood that toxin accumulation leads to many diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis because toxic acidic fluids are gathering around the joints.


Acupuncture is one of the treatment methods of oriental medicine to adjust the balance of the body and recover the function by observing the body’s changes while observing the condition by touching and applying acupuncture needles and moxibustion.

Huatou Jia Ji L5

HJJL5 for Heel Pain

This point is a great point to release the pain on the heel. It is located to the Lumber 5, and once you stimulate it, it releases below the lower back. Anatomically, when you look at the dermatome, L5 is connected to the bottom of the foot. Therefore, it is essential to stimulate it.

Chinese Herbs for Heel Pain

Chinese herbs

Several Chinese herbs can help to reduce inflammation and improve pain.
For example,

Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan


  • Joint muscle pain
  • Release inflammation

Corydalis is the primary ingredient, and this herb uses as a pain reliever. It increases blood flow and reduces pain.

Du Huo Luo Dan


  • Joint & Muscle pain

This formula unblocks the channels. It is composed of aromatic herbs such as Vladimir souliei, frankincense, cloves, and borneol to promote the circulation of Qi and blood.

Where can you get the Chinese herbs?

YourKampo.com is the new Online Chinese prescription service.

First, you answer 3 minutes long questionnaire about your chief complaints and general questions like your digestions and sleep disorders, etc.

Then, our specialist diagnoses your condition and chooses the best Chinese herbs out of 100 herbs.

Here is the link that you can go and get your best Chinese herbs for heel pain after waking up.


In conclusion, heel pain can be caused by calf tightness, bunions, and flat feet.

Firstly, please understand the mechanism of it.

Secondly, please try these four tips for heel pain after waking up to see if your symptom goes away.

Finally, I hope it helps those who are suffering from these annoying symptoms.

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Please feel welcome to comment if you have any questions about this post.

Sayonara till next post.

About Author: Satoru Ozawa – Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist.

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