5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

5 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

In this blog, I want to discuss and explain 5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety. 

Anxiety is one of the most common disorders in this modern age.

Some people feel fear because of their relationships, financials, socials, etc. 

I hope it helps those who are suffering from anxiety.

In this article, you will learn.

  • What is anxiety?
  • Why do humans feel anxiety?
  • What are five ways to deal with anxiety?
  • Where can you get the Chinese herbs?

What is Anxiety?

5 ways to deal with anxiety

Anxiety has several different types, including

  • General Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Social anxiety

In the united states, 6.8 million, literally 3.1 % of the US population, have suffered anxiety disorders.

Anxiety symptoms are nervousness, fear, and when you are worried or thinking the same thing repeatedly, it is a generalized anxiety disorder.

Why do you feel anxiety?

Why do you feel anxiety?

Why do you feel anxiety?

It is because we have a self-defense response. When animals encounter their enemies or predators in wildlife, they either run away or fight against them.

When they are on the stage, they probably won’t sleep in the dark and don’t eat.

Their blood pressure rises because stress hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline are secreted, the blood vessels contract to the heart rate, and the blood pressure increases.

The same response happens when you feel anxiety instinctively like you protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Because anxiety is one of the natural human emotions, you cannot avoid it. 

But, can you control it? 

The answer is YES. 

There is one theory that explains if we can control our emotions by ourselves or not.

Here is the book that discusses whether we can control human emotions or not. “Emotion Science: An Integration of Cognitive and Neuroscientific Approaches.” by Elaine Fox, a professor of Emotional Neuroscience at Oxford University.

She said, “People who are less likely to feel fear or anxiety have a strong nerve bundle in the brain by nature so that they may have better emotional control.

However, she also mentions that you can strengthen the part of the brain circuit connected to emotions by repeated experiences and learning over the years.

Just as you can improve your muscles and increase your flexibility by training in a sports gym, you also can boost the pathways that connect each area of ​​your brain with training.

When those do not feel much fear, it means that their nerve bundle is thick and robust.

So, medically, brain science proves that your mind can become as strong as your body by training.

What are 5 ways to deal with anxiety?

  1. Mind-set
  2. Walking
  3. Writing
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Chinese Herbs

1. Change your Mind-set

Change your mind-set

As I explained before, you can train your brain to control your anxiety.  It’s an appreciation of everything with love.

If you work, study, train with a negative attitude, you will be mentally stressed.

But, just like you train your muscles, if you love doing something with appreciation, no matter how hard your train is, you will be mentally stronger. 

You actually feel excited to do so.  It is an attitude and behavior that is proactive and positive. That is the ultimate stress control. 

To switch your mindset, I would recommend meditating every day.

 This study showed that a group meditation training program could effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders.

2. Writing down positive emotions

writing down positive emotions

Sometimes, even if you feel something, you cannot express yourself, leading to your anxiety or negative emotions.

This study in 2018 showed that Chinese students wrote down their positive emotions before their exams and it reduced their test anxiety.

Many other studies also showed that explicit writing help reduces their anxiety levels.

3. Walking

Walking in a forest

Walking is a great way to deal with anxiety.

In 2018, this study showed the psychological benefits of walking through forest areas and identified a significant correlation between mental responses to walking through forests and anxiety levels.

They tested 558 people walking for 15 minutes in the woods and found out their anxiety level reduced.

Therefore, walking even for 15 minutes a day helps to reduce your anxiety level.

4. Acupuncture

For many years, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are used for anxiety and depression treatments.

Acupuncture is oriental medicine that uses fine needles to release tension, pain, and disorders by using fine needles on the acupuncture meridians and points.

These studies showed that high-level evidence to support the use of acupuncture for treating major depressive disorder.


There is an acupuncture point called PC6. This point works to regulate autonomic nervous systems and helps the emotional disorders at the same time.

It is located 2 inches away from the palmer side of the wrist and finds the most tender spot.

Let’s press on the area for 20 seconds 3 times every day.

5. Chinese Herbs

An Mien Pian ingredients

There are some natural Chinese herbs to ease anxiety.

In traditional Chinese medicine, stress is caused by disharmony of yin and yang.

When you lose the balance of yin and yang, it disturbs your mind and causes anxiety.

For example, Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang is one of the effective formulas to ease stress.

The principal herb in this formula is Cinnamon twig.

Cinnamon twig contains cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, and cinnamate, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, etc.

On top of the classic Cinnamon twig formula, oyster shells and minerals are added.

According to this study,  calcium and magnesium have the potential to anxiety and depression.

Where can you get the Chinese Herbs?

YourKampo.com is the new Online Chinese prescription service.

First, you answer 3 minutes long questionnaire about your chief complaints and general questions like your digestions, sleep disorders, etc.

Then, our specialist diagnoses your condition and chooses the best Chinese herbs out of over 100 herbs.

Here is the link that you can go and get your best Chinese herbs for you.


In conclusion, I explained 5 different ways to ease anxiety disorders in this blog.

Firstly, change your mindset in positive ways with love and appreciation.  If you can do that, you will start feeling a release from the negative mind.  

Secondly, it is already scientifically proven that walking outside, especially in a forest-like environment, can help release your stress.

Thirdly, writing down the positive emotions you have already made up in the first option can help reduce your anxiety level.

Fourthly, Acupuncture treatment is one of the great options for you to ease your physical and psychological stress.

Lastly, taking natural Chinese herbs to maintain your emotional stress.

I hope these 5 ways help you to overcome your anxiety and have a better lifestyle.

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Sayonara till next post.

About Author: Satoru Ozawa, DOM, L.Ac, ATC – Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist.  With his ten years of experience in Oriental Medicine, he will recommend the best natural Remedies, including Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and health tips to relieve your suffering.


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