Ba Zhen Tang Benefits: Best Anemia Herb

Ba Zhen Tang Benefits

I want to discuss and explain Ba Zhen Tang benefits at this time. This formula is a classic formula for anemia and delayed menstruation.

Those who are interested in natural Chinese herbs have beneficial of reading this blog.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What are the components of Ba Zhen Tang?
  • What are the profits of Ba Zhen Tang?
  • Who Can Take Ba Zhen Tang?
  • Where can you get the Chinese Herbs?

What are the ingredients of Ba Zhen Tang?

Ba Zhen Tang Benefits

The principal herbs in this formula are Codonopsis and Rehmannia.

Codonopsis contains Polysaccharides that could efficiently enhance energy and oxygen abilities, decrease harmful metabolic cell accumulation, and enhance antioxidant activity.

Rehmannia has been used as traditional Chinese herbal medicines for improved immunity and prolonged life.

This study shows that Rehmannia’s anti‐aging effects by using mise slowed the aging process and increased survival rate.


  • Codonopsis Root – Dang Shen
  • White Atractylodes Rhizome – Bai Zhu
  • Poria sclerotium – Fu Ling
  • Rehmannia Root – Shu Di Huang
  • White Peony – Bai Shao
  • Angelica Root – Dang Gui
  • Ligusticum Root – Chuan Xiong
  • Spatholobus Stem – Ji Xue Teng
  • Baked Licorice Root – Zhi Gan Cao
  • Ginger – Gan Jiang
  • Red Date – Da Zao

What are the benefits of Ba Zhen Tang?

Ba Zhen Tang nourishes both Qi and Blood.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when Qi is low, it means your life energy is low.  It causes tiredness, low appetite, pale face, etc.

And, blood deficiency is a lack of blood and nutrition for the body, becoming this state due to insensitive eating habits, excessive bleeding, and chronic diseases.

Who can take Ba Zhen Tang?

Who can take Ba Zhen Tang Benefits

This formula is suitable for males and females with anemia, low energy, dizziness, dry skin, low appetite, etc.

It also treats delayed or irregular menses or amenorrhea due to a lack of blood.

In addition, it is a good idea to use this formula for athletes to recover from injuries.

Other symptoms

  • Anemia
  • Low energy
  • Dizziness
  • Late Period
  • Irregular period
  • Dry skin
  • Pale face
  • Lower back soreness, etc

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In conclusion, Ba Zhen Tang benefits those with anemia, late period, low energy, etc.

Firstly, please understand the formula benefits.

Secondly, please try this formula if you have such symptoms.

Finally, I hope it helps those who are suffering from annoying symptoms.

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About Author: Satoru Ozawa, DOM, L.Ac, ATC – Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist.  With his ten years of experience in Oriental Medicine, he will recommend the best natural Remedies, including Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and health tips to relieve your suffering.


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