How to Treat your Fatigue with TCM

Feeling Tired All the Time? How to Treat your Fatigue with TCM.

Needless to say, all of us wish to have amazing days without fatigue. However, it is hard to achieve especially during COVID-19. Once you have fatigue, you always feel tired and sleepy even after having 6-7 hours sleep. Fatigue comes from many reasons such as lifestyle factors, physical and mental conditions, and COVID-19 aftereffect. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine’s point of view, there are several body types in which you can get easily tired but most people can be categorized into two types.

Here’re the two body types and symptoms and remedies for each type.

Type1: (Spleen Qi Deficiency)

Symptoms: sleepy, sleepy after eating, loss of energy, loss of appetite, bad digestion,  bloated belly, watery stools, pale face, slim / slender, 

Causes: Unhealthy diet, overworking, thinking too much, after surgery, after childbirth, lack of exercise, crash diet

The following is the list of unhealthy diet:
・Overeating and overdrinking
・Fast eating
・Not chewing food enough before swallowing
・Eating spicy, greasy, cold, raw, fried, processed food
・Drinking alcohol
・Eating dinner 1 hour prior to sleep

TCM remedy:
・Avoid raw salad, fried food 
・Avoid cold beverage and drink hot beverage instead
・Avoid overeating and overdrinking
・Spend more than 20 mins to finish meals
・Recommended food: potatoes, yams, mushrooms, eggs, pork, and chicken
・Light exercise such as stretch, yoga, 30 mins walking or 15 mins jogging
・Pressing “Zusanili” for 3 mins three times a day
・Use moxibustion home kit at home 

Type2: (Spleen Dampness)

Symptoms: sleepy even after sleep, tired all the time, dull body, brain fog, loss of energy, easy to get swollen feet, loss of appetite, bloated stomach, burping, constipation & diarrhea, joint pain, virginal discharge. 

・Living in a humid area
・Eating a lot of dairy food, fried food, greasy food, sweet, cold food
・Having excessive amount of water (a gallon of water)

If you are type2, you have an unnecessary amount of water in your body and need to detox it.

TCM natural remedies:
・All tips from Type1
・Drinking corn silk tea, red bean tea.
・Pressing “zusanili” and “UB40” for 3 – 5 mins before going to sleep

Treating your fatigue with TCM is a great way because it is natural.

Even if you try the natural remedies and don’t see any improvements, you may want to try natural Chinese herbs. We can help you find the effective Chinese herb for your hot flashes in menopause.

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Sayonara till next post.

About Author: Satoru Ozawa – Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist. 

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